Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture

Bathrooms: Equipment and accessories

Find practical accessories for your bathroom. The bathroom is often somewhat neglected, although the day begins in this room and stopped. A pleasant wellness atmosphere in the bathroom contributes significantly to personal wellbeing. The online shop offers a large selection of quality furniture, apparel and accessories for the various places on offer, which has a bathroom, ready. Often, the bathroom is a very small space. Space-saving furniture like mirror cabinets, corner shelves or sink base cabinets are therefore popular device classics, in which can be cosmetics, towels and hygiene items stow away. For a soft and warm feeling after the shower or the bath fluffy bath mats or complete bath sets make in many different colors and shapes. In addition to carpets and towels can also be found quality shower, bath and sink taps and hand showers from well-known manufacturers.

Bathroom furniture is available for a very special space, which makes special claims his inventory. As a wet room bathroom textiles, bathroom lighting or furniture must be able to tolerate or splashing water in the bathroom without taking direct damage. For electronics, the means to be equipped with a waterproof housing. For bathroom furniture, such as bath block, the mirror cabinet or even the bathroom textiles, this means no water-absorbing substances, woodstain or impregnation.

Bathroom Cabinets

Since they take up so much room in such a small space, bathroom vanities and sink consoles are often the focal point of the bathroom. Whether your space is big or small, widely used or only occasionally, you’ll want to put some thought into your bathroom cabinets and pick one that best complements your space.

Cabinetry is one of the most important elements in your bathroom, so it's important that you choose wisely. The central storage unit separating the two sink areas features an arrangement of cabinets and drawers that can hold hand towels, hair dryers, toiletries, and more.

Bathroom Shelves

The accessories can transform a bathroom almost as much as the bathroom suite or furniture. From mirrors, toilet seats and towel rails, to bathroom fittings and shelves, you can customise your bathroom easily, finding the bathroom items that work with your chosen style of decor and design.

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